Pressure in Batch paint

Happy Friday all. Does anyone else have the problem where the pressure in batch paint almost doesn’t work then all of a sudden it behaves perfectly well. If this is know has anyone come up with a quick fix.
Many thanks

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never seen that behavior locally. are you using this thru some remote software?

Hi Alan, I’m not no. I’m suspecting it maybe to do with my Mac, be interested if anyone else has had the same situation.

I find hitting Shift+T+Insert (which reboots the wacom driver) often helps when I run into issues like that.

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Well, I thought it was just me.
I often find when using paint in batch, suddenly my paint strokes are really faint, about 50% white on black if you look at the matte. No matter what I do seems to fix this, just time. Suddenly, it seems to work normally again.
Drives me mad.

It might be the pen. Do you ever replace your nibs?

Probably not enough, no.

Next time it happens which wont be long i shall try this.

Hi Andy, So my new discovery is that if i minimise Flame (cmd H) on my mac then open flame again the pressure in paint changes dramatically, my paint strokes hardly effect the screen. Now if then do as you suggest press Shift+T+Insert then that has indeed fixed the issue. I hope this works for @grantconnor as well. Many thanks Andy. M

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Funny, as soon as I read Andy’s solution, I thought oh yeah, that rings a bell… I’d heard this somewhere years ago…but ultimately forgot, ha.
Thanks Andy, I’ll try it when I’m next on the box

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