Flame 2023.1 Batch Painting and reveal frame issues?

For all you Flame 2023.1 users, Is anybody out there experiencing weirdness with Batch Paint using reveal where the fill of the result gets all janky/solid/wrong looking?

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I don’t think I’ve seen that, but I just wish I could still use the meta key to switch brushes. The OS doesn’t like meta in paint. (Rocky)

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Been discuss that with @fredwarren recently. We’ve been complaining about Batch Patch for years, and mostly ignored by ADSK and you guys too. Well, most of the time we complain about stuff, the community derides us for a few years and then realized we were right. Anyway, screen record it and send it to the proper authorities. As @GPM hilariously said, “I suspect that with enough user demand and enough focus from ADSK”

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So for me I feel that it has something to do with reveal offsets because I notice that I will do a reveal brush then a Rec Clone Brush and if I go back to reveal its has weird offsets so I zero out and then it reveals correctly BUT it’s random and even then sometimes the render is corrupt UGH so no workaround but just something I noticed

Oh. I’m certainly not deriding nor ignoring ya @Alan. Do I wish your passionate posts were less pointy? Perhaps. Yet the only way we have a truly safe and sharing community is if we celebrate everyone’s style, so of course you are more than welcome and encouraged to be you and do your thing however the heck ya want. But this thread isn’t about you or how anybody may or may not be whatever to whomever. It’s about Batch Paint.

I searched around and I think this is the correct bug ID. FLME-58419

Paint FLME-58419 In Batch Paint, artifacts can be detected using Reveal with an input source if the viewport Exposure is increased.

No that bug ID references this: You've Been Burn'd Ep21: My mom always told me to take out the garbage.... - YouTube