Paint Bucket tool?

i think i already know the answer, but worth asking…

is there a way to have the Paint tool fill in an area with a single click - like the bucket tool in photoshop?

it would make filling in matte holes a lot less painful and time consuming!

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Only in desktop paint. I miss that tool.


@ytf rue. although if we are being honest it had issues.
It never actually filled everything all the way, had to paint the detail between fill and outline often.
ohhhh Flame.

I used to fill with pure green, then cop a matte from the green and expand it and drop the expanded matte on top of the original. What made it useful wasn’t so much its perfect fill, but its fast creation as one stepped through the clip and touched the “bad” spots.

Desktop Paint > Fill > From matte?

One could write a “workaround” manual for flame if they really wanted to. :sweat_smile: