Panoramic cleanup

hello everyone, I have a scene that I need to clean in 3 points of the scene, and these 3 points are not all the time in the scene, it leaves and comes back, the camera pans the scene, I have 3 clean frames with a brush, flame 2020 I have difficulties making 3dtracker for these 3 clean frames to walk around the scene.

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This is probably not helpful, but I suggest matchmoving outside of flame. I use syntheyes. Are you laying down tracking points for the flame camera track manually or is it kind of the auto tracking/ let flame pick its points method? There’s a likelihood that the issue you’re having is a pretty common problem in the kind of set-it and forget-it autotracker camera tracking world.

The problem with having the software automatically choose tracking points is that it has no idea that the point it’s chosen on say the corner of a picture frame is leaving frame, but then coming back! So even if it does decide to pick that point later, it has no idea it’s the same corner of the picture frame (it’s just a point it likes) so it’s assigned it a new tracker each time it comes back and picks it, as opposed to saying tracker158 is here from fr45-75 and then here from fr92-128.

Because of the way matchmoving algorithms work, it’s extremely important that points that leave frame and return or are occluded and then are not are assigned just one tracker for the duration of the shot, because the matchmoving algorithms are a careful ballet of high speed trial and error and winnowing down of possible solutions and every tracking point is working in concert with the others. Having a new tracker for each time your point enters and exits and enters and exits really ups the probability of creating a problem with the track overall and a bad solve with incorrect depth data for the points entering and exiting frame especially.

TL;DR- try some manual trackers and make sure that each those features you’re tracking that enter and exit frame are assigned just one tracker that intermittently tracks them throughout the shot.

Are you able to post an example?

the scene was not air, I can’t show it, but this is an example, there are buildings outside and I need to change, the window is much bigger, I cleaned an initial frame of the scene, a frame in the middle of the scene and a frame at the end,like the example, in the original scene a big window enters and leaves the scene, inserting new building outside with track 2d is sambando was not cool

What’s not working about the track? Is it sliding? And if it is totally like the video above, you’re achingly close to being in nodal pan territory. Shots with baaarely any parallax, but still have parallax, are deceivingly difficult to matchmove. Are you getting some parallax from the buildings outside the window vs the window?

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Seems like you should be able to track this.

This example illustrates a nodal pan. A camera pan on a tripod that provided a shot without parallax. I recently stabilised one for a DMP and made one large panorama to be painted up.

Lens distortion might prove to be a challenge you need to overcome.

If it is a true nodal pan and you manage to solve the distortion and undistort, you are effectively dealing with a large still plate you can pan across.

I used the AnalyserMono in action to solve my shot. Then stabilised by projecting onto a static surface with overscan switched on. RecursiveOps showed me that my track/stabilise wasn’t perfect so I just took a first, middle and end frame to paint up my large panorama.

Once the DMP came back I just projected that back onto my surface and reversed the process.

yes, it has a slight parallax, 2d track with 3 clean frames are not handling the movement

See if you can get a camera track.

@kirk walks you through the camera analyser_mono, available in Flame 2020. This will track the camera using all available data and won’t care that certain features go off screen.


the scene and a 6k stabilize will go out of frame because it’s a panorama, flame has frame size limit

You can focus on your three areas and just stablise those in the middle of your 6K plate. You will need to do this three times for each object/area needing work but this will keep the resolution at 6K.

My DMP example would only work on nodal pan and would make your plate size go astronomical.

once you have a 3D camera the difficulty level of the techniques do increase but you have so many more options

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Or in regards to comping in once you get your 3d track, don’t go the stabilize route at all and just track in your three clean frames using locators where the buildings are, these parent diffuse maps set to projection assigned to copies of the tracked cameras with the frames you painted on “kept” on those cameras.


If you can track outside flame and get rid of lens distortion using and external solution it will help you massively.

I think about trying to stabilize the scene as much as possible, insert the clean frames and use bilinear extend to distort the clean frames manually, it would be the fastest way to not take too long, what do you think?


Hiya! Are you on our Discord server? If not, this sounds like a great opportunity to join the Discord server so you can share your screen and we can perhaps walk you through some options?

We have ‘Conference’ rooms in there where you can share your screen. You don’t have to share your camera, but having a microphone and sharing your screen might really be of interest in situations like this.

I’m hanging out there right now for a few minutes if now is a good time for you?