3DEqualizer Extend trac

So ive got a shot I need to extend the matchmove because they now came up with this new edit that has like twice the amount of frames and the whole track was a complete b**** to pull off so I would LOVE to not start from scratch… no idea how to do this - usually I just re-track cause thats faster … but this time its really annoying…

I have the feeling I will have to do all the tracking again though and then align it to the " old" camera

Hey Finn, are the frames added on the heads or tails? I don’t know 3de, but when I’ve needed to extend a track in the tails in the past with syntheyes, I’ve just opened the previous solve, edited the shot and shot length in syntheyes- so the solve just stops when it reaches those frames. Then went through and continued trackers (or made new ones) etc. then when I was ready to solve, I used constraints so that my orientation, coordinates, focal length, etc didn’t change. Perhaps there’s something like that in 3de?

Basically just replacing the shot with the new longer one, continue tracking, and then using constraints for the camera and world stuff you’ve already got set up before solving again.

@finnjaeger Look into this technique.

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ah yea damn of course its heads… I need to import new plate and adjust all trackers basically offset them by x frames and then re track all of them naually i guess

use this all the time to align track to geometry not sure this helps me this time as I have no geo :frowning: but ill have another look at this video thx

ah lol first sentence is like how to stich 2 tracks … hahah nice thankyou

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Hii, I have a problem, I can’t track the point while the camera in out of focus the whole frame is like a noise.