This wonderful shot needs some items added to the green screens. I’ve tried all the usual methods, short of Mocha, which at this point I don’t have. Help me Logik forum, you’re my only hope… :pray:


Sorry, I just changed the visibility settings on Google Drive, everyone should be able to see it now. (Please don’t send it on!!)

Cheers Tim! :slight_smile:

Woof! Well it’s not going to be a party, but if it were me I’d try Syntheyes or another 3d tracking software (flame’s 3d tracker might work, but I bet rolling shutter would cause problems). I’m not a mocha guy, so I can’t really speak to whether there’s any use in trying it.

The beginning is the real problem, so you’re obviously going have to hand track those couple of frames. A nice 3d track would help in that regard, you can just fudge your bilinears or, if you’re feeling funky, animate your camera to invent the keyframes.

If you can’t get a 3d track or don’t want to go that route, stabilizing (or hand-animating a stabilization) in the 2d tracker with auto-resize turned on, comping, and then de-stabilizing would be my “break glass” solution, but, well, I hope you’re not in a hurry!

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At this point I’m pretty much just gonna one-point track for the back section, 2 point (maybe) for the middle and just hand track the first section. I bet the DOP at the shoot (there’s a locked off wide shot which is basically a 5 minute comp) was like, “you’re gonna do what?!” :rofl::cry:

Heh. Yeah. Another case of “No plan survives first contact with the enemy.”

There’s a nice bit in the middle where you can see almost all of the background, grabbing that still and then tracking/bilinear-ing that onto the rest of the clip might help you keep the various screens moving in unison.

I don’t know if you saw Andy Dill’s logik live bit, but he did a riff on phone comp techniques that might be relevant to your interests.

Best of luck sir! We’re all pulling for you.

Not seen the shot (ipad doesnt want to download it) but i remember seeing a fascinating joel osis video show how to handle untrackable shot…might be useful to try


dan rick! ill see if i can get anywhere :smiley: would be good to get a unscaled version though :slight_smile:

For stuff like this, you can easily get away with tracking in an entire new background…just chuck in a checkerboard, 1 point track what you can, eyeball the rest, luma key for Ricky’s hair, a bit of roto and paint, and boom.


I forgot about this!!

Yes much definitely so :+1:

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