Pattern browsing help

Good morning guys I am trying to setup pattern browsing and although I got it to work in the past I can’t get it to work now.

Path example is


The pattern browsing I am trying is


Thanks is advance


It’s a little tricky to diagnose, but your pattern seems like it should be working. I recreated this folder structure and tried with the same pattern and got it to work.

Are you scanning from the /Emi-102-226-0200 folder?

Yeah …… I was thinking do I need to do the frame padding!

If its an image sequence then yes you’ll need to put in a token for the frames. It would be


I am still struggling to get this to work here is the actual file path

Any help much appreciated

in your screenshot pattern browsing is disabled ? :smiley:


this worked for me to pull 3 versions. I was assuming
comp-render should be part of the clipname, I was having issues pulling diofferent versions from your original pattern for some reason. I dont know WHY though but it only finds v1 with your pattern if I remove comp-render it just works … also if I replace comp-render with a token like {artist}-{task} then it pulls the comp and render into metadata for artist and task and it works fine again.

rendered 3 exr sequences to here:


and then browsed from the Emi-102-226-0200 directory

Running flame version 2022 on Mac. When I change to shotname it flags an error stating you need name token to get multiple version

yea sorry I got the 2 confused :smiley: check my latest post I edited it a bunch :slight_smile:

Cool will give it a try and yeah I do turn on the pattern browser button as well lol :joy:

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Yeah your test pattern is the same …… but this just won’t work on this flame. So frustrating as it should work

make sure you check if its -version or _version

Yeah it’s the _version just tricky to type that on my phone

Not sure if you’ve retyped it since posting this screenshot, but it looks like you have a square bracket ( ] ) at the end of version instead of a brace ( } ).

I’ve definitely been tripped up on that a few times.

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