Pattern Browsing not syncing


I have some issues with Pattern browsing. By default the pattern is “{name}_v{version}.{extension}” and I name my files correct v001, v002, v003 etc. at the end. First it all work perfectly but the more I updated with new versions it just stopped working. I only get a black screen, missing media.
Just to be clear, the files have the exact name as the file before just new numbering.

First I thought it was that different TC that messed it up but I have made so all iterations of one clip starts at the same TC, still no luck. I rebooted Flame, same problem.

My question, are there any ways to change how Flame read the files, like “match criteria” in the conform tab?
Or is this a bug?

I use Flame 2023.2


Can you post an example of a render name.exr please?

Maybe do a screengrab of the folder and open subfolders with renders?

I wonder how the pattern browsing works. If it is like an openClip, there should be an xml file somewhere that has the code relating to all the versions.

The ones for OpenClips are very human readable and might help to debug this problem :thinking:

There are a few things that can break pattern browsing. From what I can see it’s mostly to do with consistency.

This morning when I started up and tried again, it worked. I did the same exact thing yesterday, same folder structure and naming convention. It maybe needed a good night sleep : )

Do you use the pattern browsing in your workflow? And have you ever encountered this issue or any other issue with it?

I don’t use pattern browsing. I am a huge fan of OpenClips though.

Tried pattern browsing a couple of times. Was using it to keep versions of animation playblasts up to date in a timeline for wip approval

I found it hard to enforce strict naming and size conventions with animators.

Keep up updated on your finding BUT something might have change on your side since Flame does not automagically fix issue by itself.

When you No Media on the frame, that means that you have a version that has a different start timecode than other version. When we create multi-versions clips, we aggregate all versions and create a clip that start and end based on the aggregated content, like this

V1: 10:00:00:00 to 10:01:00:00
V2 10:00:00:00 to 10:02:00:00

Clip would start at 10:00:00:00 and end at 10:02:00:00

if you add V3:
V3 9:59:50:00 to 10:01:30:00

Then the clip starts at 9:59:50:00 and ends at 10:02:00:00
The range that does not have media for given versions will show No Media since media does not exist for this range.

@PlaceYourBetts Pattern Browsing does not rely on an Open Clip XML. MediaHub takes care of creating on the fly a clip using the pattern. But if you do some R+D and have a look at the documentation, you will see there are ways to marry Open Clips and Pattern Browsing to fast track workflows taking advantage of external scripting, as used by many production pipelines.

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@PlaceYourBetts True, it can be a hassle when more people are involved, sending me files that does not work. But Ill try to be the gatekeeper between those files and Flame, renaming them and use the same TC. I see the potential with pattern browsing when doing multiple versions of the same films.

@Slabrie The things is that I had the same TC on all the iteration clips but it still went no media. Since It worked today I guess its a bug of some kind cause as you say, flame doesn’t have a mind of it own…
Ill let you know if this issue pops up again and then perhaps you can guide me through, finding the issue. Thanks!