Pattern Browsing Nuke Renders

hey guys,
I am clearly far too dumb to get this working but wanted to be able to pattern browse some nuke renders coming my way over the next few days (couldnt get OPEN clip working). All renders are going into …/VFX/01_Workflow/Shots/BTH-s0170/Rendering/2dRenders/comp/BTH-s0170_v04/exr/
for instance. there are 6 versions in the comp folder. . How on earth do I get them iterable on the godamn timeline? I am trying to scan the comp folder and pattern browse but see individual renders at this level rather than one versionable one. what gives?

Can you give us an example of the pattern you have been trying that doesn’t work for you?

Also can you show us how your image sequence is named.

I would start my search just before all the shots are separated into folders.

So probably start the pattern when looking into this folder:


Then I would use a pattern like this:


hey Rich,
Sorry for my tone last night, it was getting late and I was a bit over it!
thanks for the reply. so I came in this morning and got it working from searching inside the “comp” folder…
did the trick.
To that end though, can I not make an open clip in the exact same way? Like so?

A little while ago I did something related:

Not sure if it helps. I can take a closer look a your actual request later on.


All good @juff
I will need to have a little play. I haven’t created my own openClips like this before. I only use the ones I get either from sequencePublish or batch write nodes.

What is the difference between the clips you get when you pattern browse and the clips you get when you create OpenClips :thinking:

Got an odd problem here which I’ve never seen before. Wondered if you had the knowhow?

Got the name thing working well with dynamic renaming etc. but when matching out shots and publishing for grade, the field on export is read as {name}. I’ve never had this happen before. Is it something I’ve done do you think? Or is nuke not copying metadata to the write node correctly?

Yeah it might be your curly brackets.
{name} is not a valid token for publishing.

You should use either <name> or select the ClipName token from the drop down menu (same thing)

@Josh_Laurence might be able to confirm here

Hi @juff!

The <token> is definitley for publishing, the {token} definitely for pattern browsing and for making OpenClips in the Open Clip Creator. Have you tried using the {name}_v{version}.{extension} pattern?

The {version} token sometimes needs a “v” in front of it.

One way to get the Open Clip creator to work is to get a successful pattern browse - which should reveal an open clip in the Media Hub where there is none actually on the disk! Then you right click on that representation of a file, and at the top of the list is “Create Open Clip”. DO THAT! Then import that open clip into Flame and you have an Open Clip.

I don’t mean to sound flip because getting that successful Pattern Browse in the first place can be a little tricky, but I’d navigate to your …/VFX/01_Workflow/Shots directory where you’ll get a list of your shots. Then try this: {name}/Rendering/2dRenders/comp/{name}_v{version}/exr/{name}_v{version}.{extension} in the Pattern Browser and see what happens.

I’m also more than happy to help in a screen share session in Discord if you like.


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Thanks for the answers guys, weirdly Im getting PB to work but only for two of the shots. All the other shots are rendered to the same relative place and have the same relative names. I am definitely not enjoying how flaky this process is given it should be quite simple… Ill see if I can make an open clip from the PB clips @Josh_Laurence . As far I can tell @PlaceYourBetts PB clips are inextricably linked and will always update across any edits whereever they are but open clips will only do that if they are connected. I would prefer to be able to control when and where clips update.