Pattern browsing - match sources

Hi All,
I’m running my timeline using patter browsing for comp versioning. All works well except when I want to match out a source clip from the timeline.
The multi-versioned clip get matched out, sometimes with incorrect heads & tails, but I can’t see how to match out just the currently selected layer as we used to do.
Would be great to select a timeline layer and match out out all versions to send off to grade, especially when the most recent version isn’t the client preferred one etc.
Any tips?

I’m using 2021.2.1

I did some tests with pattern browsing for comp versioning a few months back. I just revisited it to see if I could make sense of matching in this context. When I match out a clip it seems to match out the current version and it remains linked to all the other versions in that if you change the version of one it changes the version of all of them. I don’t see it just choosing the current version like you say.

Where I think you are onto something is that the match options limit you a bit if your intention is to match versions of clips out that aren’t the same version that’s in the timeline. One idea I had was to, after you match them out, Duplicate Source on those matched clips so they’re separate from the timeline and then you can change the version to whatever you need without affecting the timelines. It’s a little bit of a manual process depending on how many clips you’re working with, but at least it’s something. Can you think of how you would want it to work? Maybe there could be an option in the Match settings to match out all versions as a checkbox? But I’m not sure how matching out all the versions would help unless you plan to send all versions to grade. But if you want some clips to match out the latest version and other clips to match out one version down, I don’t see a way to do that all at once since Flame doesn’t know which version you want.

And as to the handles issue, that sounds pretty strange, but the first thing that comes to mind is whether the clips in question have Timewarps. On my tests with pattern browsing clips, when they’re matched out the handles seem to work how I would expect.