Updating a OpenClip with a publish

Ok so funky idea here,

I go publish a bunch of openclips from graded sources, everyones starts working (in flame) rendering out new comp versions and updating the openclips as per usual - all is well.

Now client says they really hate the colorists stepuncles friends car and want to re-grade at Factory4 in Los Angeles.

So they do…

Now i get the new sources, i would love to be able to publish the shots as a new version so compers can update their clip node in batch and have the new v002 grading and bobs your uncle.

also whatbwiuld be nifty is to have both patternbrowsed versions and regular openclips combined - imagine having a something named nuke_version and a batch_version in case you are doing both flame and nuke work on the same shot (or maya or whatever). I know this works right now but i cant have all my nuke versions appear by patternbrowsing, its either or, right?

What’s needed in the publishing options is “version-up existing openclips”

That way, you could unlink a sequence or clip, relink to a new grade or comp or version, pub and version up any exiting openclips the pub finds in the process.

Then you wouldnt need to change pub templates, just have the option to version up if an openclip is found at the path you’re about to push out to. No openclip? Then write one.

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this is exactly it!

It should be possible with python to write those updated openclips :thinking:

…and you can mux openclips with different shit. You can force it in batch so that means you can force it with some scripting.

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When you publish content with Open Clips, you get two Open Clips: one for the source and one for the sequence. You just need to add a version to the Clip Node and voila! You would need to do this either by updating your scene in Batch or programmatically.

You might not be aware of this BUT instead of defining an actual path to file in Open Clip, you can set a pattern. In this case, everytime you load the batch scene, the clip node will automagically update the scene to the latest version.

Go play now :wink:


Yes, the question is I can either have a pattern OR fixed paths in the openclip, correct?

(I want both :-D)

Um… with the built-in Publish Timeline tool?

My fucking mind is blown.

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@finnjaeger you will have to do some R+D on this but yes you should be able to define both path and pattern IF you manually edit the published Open Clip since Publishing does not allow defining a pattern at publish time. NOTE that the last time I have look at this was many versions ago so not sure where we stand now and I sadly cannot validate that today since I am going away for 2 weeks. Have fun :wink:

This should also answer your question @ALan

ok wow. I couldnt figure it out off the bat yesterday when I looked at it, I wonder what the logik would be here as i could end up with multiple version3s and such .


in mediahub you can right click and press create openclip which opens the openclip creator utillity.

For sure and @Slabrie answered @ALan’s question which kinda nullifies my excitement a tad. So now we just need a clever bit of python to edit the pub’d source clip’s open clips to allow for a version component in the file name… seems like someone should be able to parse the pub template and make the adjustments with a little bit of python know-how…

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@milanesa :smiley:

i will try this first will try to manually edit the xml of the published openclip and see if I can get something patterbrowsed in there at all.

lets see what happens if I just override the filepath thats in there with a pattern, not sure what would happen haha

Right… creatClip.py ? From Grant K. Video a few years ago?
I did modify it for that Nuke > OpenClip test.
That script can definitely be rewritten.

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# FI-03077 filed regardless. This strikes me as something that isn’t a super heavy lift but who knows (other than maybe @fredwarren and @Slabrie)

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tea been messing with this script you posted as well, gave me some ideas. But I am not thaaat great with coding so :rofl:

Will gladly help, but I don’t have a Flame license nor machine anymore.
I guess I could still test the open clips with Baselight Student.

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Many people have requested Pattern Browse based Publish for years and the answer has always been “It’s coming”. Now just the other day I said I’ll be retired before Teradici fixes their shit, and then this morning they notified me they fixed their shit. So I’m gonna double down and say I or @Slabrie be retired before we get a Pattern Browsed based Publish.

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i am sure between all of us providing you with a flame to remote into for doing dev work on this is a none issue as well :slight_smile:

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