Personal Flame showreel website

Hey there Logik friends.

I’m considering putting my work up on a website.
Any suggestions on a free website, what does
everyone do. Is wix any good?
Do you put your work up on vimeo
and then create links on the website, is Behance used?
I have all my work on google Drive and it’ll take ages to
Upload it to Vimeo.

I basically would like a page about myself, another
Page on individual entries of my work and another page
Containing my reels.

Any suggestions welcome.
Also if it’s possible, would be great to see fellow flame
Artists websites for inspiration…


Most artists sites I’ve come across are Wix or Squarespace. I like Squarespace and it has a nice Vimeo player built in.

Drawing inspiration from other industries or other types of creatives is what I’d recommend. Even seeing the default themes and layouts from Wix or Squarespace is handy.

Good luck!

Check out

Thanks Randy, was thinking of wix

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