Phantom camera

hello Everyone.
Do you have any experiance with filming on Phantom 1000im/sec an greenscreen? is it possible to pull a key from that material? is it possible to avoid motion blur while shooting?

Hey Jola,
I work a lot with Phantom cameras. The color space on .cine files are not anything you’re used to. You can transcode direct to rec709 or as logS1 or 2 from Resolve as Prores444. It will give you enough color depth. 12 bits if I’m not mistaken.
I have successfully pulled keys but it will depend a lot on the actual material as always.

is there a nasty compression in the green? or we can concider it’s comparable to any other decent camera?

what about motion blur? if camera moves on the milo - how harp it can be?

Not specifically related to Phantom, but if I have footage that’s less than perfect I always upscale it through Topaz Video AI, then bring it in to flame, works really well.

Topaz also has a Motion Deblur tool now. I haven’t tested extensively yet, but seems to help a bit.

Motion blur depends on the relative pixel movement. So if you’re shooting high frame rate it will be low.
There is no nasty compression for keying but the Phantom has a proprietary encdoing so it’s not like prores but has a distinctive pattern on its sensor that’s visible if you push the key or colors.
Due to its sensors, its response to color is weird in highlites. Whites can fringe at the edges and colored lights might have a hue shift.
Remember that Phantom cameras are actually designed for scientific research and is not really great at reproducing colors.

I worked on a film with a ton of phantom GS footage shooting at the highest frame rate possible. I didn’t find anything particularly problematic with the footage, and the comps came out well. (It was also shot well for the most part, so there is that.)

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it was on greenscreen?

Yep green screen.

ok thank you

One issue I had many years ago (best part of a decade) was the flicker involved in the power cycle of the lighting on the green. I also remember that I didn’t think it was shot well and they hadn’t followed our request to do some testing beforehand to see what issues may arise, as it was in the early days of Phantom.

I’m sure that it is a lot better now and people know how to properly light for it. Wouldn’t hurt to ask for a test though just in case.