Phantom to Flame

I’m getting terrible quality in fine hair detail from Phantom. Is that normal? Or is it a debayering issue. I’m working at 4k, SLog and it’s still pretty alias-y back there. Looking at it on Resolve doesn’t look any different which makes me suspect the camera.

Thanks in advance

It has been a while but Phantom was always a tricky fish

I believe it has gotten a little better but it is doing something tricky under the hood to allow it to capture 1000fps and I imagine some loss in detail/quality is expected.

It doesn’t make it any easier for you to fix :frowning_face:

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I constantly work with Phantom. They are not built for color reproduction or consistent detail unfortunately. I presume you’re getting some ghosting with fine details. That is the high frame rate sensor.
Depending on the model you might even see some regular dithering like a grid pattern.
NeatVideo might give you some better key detail.


Thank you very much for your reply. Really helpful. This forum is amazing.

Would you recommend any colour space. Slog.cine seems to work and that’s better than rec709 I presume.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen really good clean images out of phantom.


I wonder if Topaz might sort out the detail issues nicely :thinking:

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ive had this trip me up before, make sure you have the debayering on the higherst res… it does not default to the smoothest setting unfortunately

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What software are you guys using for transferring .cine files? Glue Tools, PhantomFuse or PCC from Vision Research?
Then what are you using to transcode? Resolve, Baselight, Scratch or the MediaReactor plugin for Wiretap Gateway?