Photoshop like Curves in Flame?

Hi again. These days, I feel very much like posting every 30 minutes… Sorry

Is there a tool in Flame that would be like Curve tool in photoshop?

I mean, of course we have a curve in Color Correct or Color warper nodes but they are very small and not very flexible for me.
We now have a nice Lum vs Lum curve in MasterGrade with a super nice Plot fonction that creates a point on the curve where you plot and that is greaaaaat. BUT, we can’t move a point below the point on its left or above the point on its right!!!
I would love to havee a the MasterGrade Curve tool without that limitation.


You can use space+ctrl to zoom in inside CC curve tool.

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Use the curves in 16bit log. It will respond better and negates the need for what you ask.

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