NEW Flame 2022.2 Training - MasterGrade: Grading with Advanced HDR Curves

As part of the Flame 2022.2 update, there have been significant enhancements to the grading curves within the MasterGrade.

This includes a variety of new HSL curve choices as well as significant improvements to the overall usability of the curves.

So you’ll cover what curves are now available and how to interact with the curves in general.

You’ll also cover a workflow of plating and adjusting a colour with the curves.

Finally, we’ll briefly discuss the second HUE curve that keeps your adjustments technically accurate by minimising artefacts and folding colours.

You can check out this video and more on the Flame Learning Channel or in Autodesk Learning on AREA and as a downloadable podcast via iTunes.

Keep well and stay safe!


Fantastic new feature! Very glad this is here. Great tutorial Grant!

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Wait, is 2022.2 shipping? And is the micro-freezing all fixed??

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Hi Brian,

2022.2 is shipping. It should be in your Autodesk Account.

As for the micro freezes, I know we have been working hard nailing it down but I I do not know where we are at with it.


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Thanks, Grant!

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@hBomb42 this is a fixed bug. Is this what you are talking about?

UI FLME-58507 The application often freezes for a short amount of time during a session.

My understanding is that there were several different issues causing the freezing, and I was hoping to get a more definitive answer from our Autodesk friends. It was a minor annoyance in 2021, but has upgraded to a major pain point for us in 2022.1.

Just for the record, I have been on 22.2 for two days now and haven’t gotten a freeze yet, in 22.1 I used to get them every hour or two it was super annoying

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Hi Brian,

The micro freezing issues reported to us are addressed in 2022.2.

However, while investigating the situation, we noticed that some users sometimes mixed micro freezing and expected processing time.

If you still experience micro freezing in 2022.2, please open a ticket with our support team.