Physical Defocus ruins the matte output

Hello, Flamers!

I’m working on the composites of a commercial I directed a few weeks ago. The shots are pretty simple: we had a custom-built elevator in the studio without the doors. So the opening and closing doors are created in Action 3D environment, and the rest of the compositing is done in Batch. I always prerender the Action outputs for faster comping.

The strange issue I ran into is that the matte output for the doors renders out completely white when the Physical Defocus is active in Action. Thus I have to render every scene twice: once for the RGB output and once for the matte with Physical Defocus hidden because it is impossible to set PD node as Occlude Only object.

Have you ever experienced something like this? Is it some kind of a bug, or am I missing something here? This behavior doesn’t seem logical to me.

Hi Kmor,

You mentioned that the matte output is “completely white”, so I’m wondering if you had enabled the “Matte Output Rendering” in the Rendering tab of Physical Defocus? That button is off by default.


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Hi Bernice,

No, I missed that step – typical user error from me. Thanks for the reminder!