Depth of field in action - Z depth with projections

Hi team,
I have a bunch of green screen assets I have keyed and added into Action. I’ve spread them out in Z-space using flat surfaces that I add a diffuse node to and I set the keyed layers as a projections on the surface.
I try to add a physical defocus to the camera and it does nothing.
I try to add a stingray DOF node to the camera and it does nothing.
I output a z-depth pass out of action but the result is very crunchy and nothing like the nice mattes I’ve made.
Am I doing something wrong? Does DOF not work when projecting onto flat surfaces that are spread out in Z-space?
Any info you can give would be great.

Are you on “Live Preview” in the viewer? Works here…


Well I feel silly now don’t I! :man_facepalming:
Thanks for that!

It still has trouble with semitransparent pixels. Is that just the nature of the beast?

Indeed it is sadly. One of many arguments for deep…

And dude, don’t feel silly. That shit catches everyone out from time to time.

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