You all see this new tracker?

Holyshit I want that.



That would be brilliant to have in Flame as an alternative to Tracker or even MotionVectorTracking… which means we will probably get it in Flame 2032.


great !
Flame dev team is probably working on something similar…
I wish.

They’ve released the code:

It uses CUDA - is there any way to get this to compile on an M1?


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Others may chime in here, but Cuda is specific to NVidia GPUs and Apple has been on a longstanding war path there. Generally speaking - this won’t work.

Not sure of there are any Rosetta style emulators and if they exist, if there any good.

But you could switch to Linux….

Knowing nothing about programming or code or CUDA, is this the sort of thing that can be understood by smart people and constructed in a non-CUDA environment akin to how flame and nuke can do the same comp?

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Yes, but most likely non-trivial.

NVidia is just so prevalent and powerful in the world of AI and image processing, with lots of hardware acceleration that most people just don’t bother with anything else.

NVidia had a blowout quarter in terms of earnings and joined the $1T market cap club. And the only one to do so on hardware and B2B, not consumer products.

PS: Cuda is NVidia’s proprietary API that allows code to process data on the GPU cores, specifically for any highly parallel processing and many complex algorithms, including tracking logic that often has to do pattern comparison and searches, even more so advanced versions like this appears to be.

Can you do this on CPUs? Yes, but a lot of code, and much slower.

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Didn’t this video do the rounds about 6-12 months ago? Maybe longer?

The depth map at the end has a lot of potential too. Depth based keying would be ultra useful in compositing.