Playback two different version of a clip side by side

Is it possible compare (or rather just to playback) two different versions of a clip side by side,
which do reside in different reels? In addition it would be great if the reply-speed could be adjusted:)

Thank’s a lot!

Of course that does only make sense if the two version are fairly similar:)

I think you could make a stereo clip and set Flame to output SxS

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If you just need this in the Viewer, and not Broadcast Display, Desktop Tools > Composite > Difference Matte. Alt+2 to 2up view, then put Front/F1 on the left and Back/F2 on the right.

If you need Broadcast Display… you could toggle Preferences > Broadcast Monitor > Show Selected Item to Screen Grab. But usually the mapping isnt quite right. Might not quite show to the edges.

I could have sworn there was a way to sync the source and sequence monitors when in src-seq playback mode but all I can remember is that if you press shift-ctrl (flame hotkeys) while scrubbing you will gang the source and sequence monitors together.

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If I had to compare two clips, I’d put them both in the the same timeline, designate one as the Primary and one as the Secondary. Once they’re designated, you have all sorts of compare methods and whatever modifications are done in the timeline, you’ll see in the viewer. Side by Side is a nice view option. You can get a movable split bar, difference mode. Lotsa options.

If they have to be in different reels, Open as Sequence for one of them and select the second one. Then go to the two up view of the viewer, also called Source-Sequence (opt-2). Then make sure both are selected in the list of clips and use the Gang command (Space-G). They will both play at the same time.


space-g! That’s what the shortcut is!


If you are using Smoke Hotkeys, hitting the up and down arrows during play will adjust the playback speed by half/double/triple/etc I think.

Thank’s for this suggestion. Sorry but do not understand the thing with “Then make sure both are selected in the list of clips”… Where is this list located?

They just have to both be selected in your library.

Ok I think finally they are marked. But no idea why this marking is necessary…

Second challenge: starting the playback with ‘Space-G’ or ´space-g´… Should this shortcut work on mac-keyboards as well, or is something wrong with selecting the clips in the library?

Thank’s for additional help:)

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space-g doesn’t start the playback, it essentially marks the two selected clips as ganged together so that after hitting space-g you can then scrub through them and play them and they will stay synced. Just tested it on my mac system and it does work there. Note that dual playback may or may not work, depending on the speed of your array (I believe).

Thank’s for this clarification. Nevertheless is seems that I am making something wrong… Would appreciate it very much if somebody could find out what I am doing wrong… Thank’s a lot!

Hmmm…It looks like you’re doing everything right. Just to double check as I can’t see when you’re hitting space-g, you selected both clips in the library and then hit space-g and then scrub/play, correct?

After pressing space-g the colour of the describing text of the clips (e.g. rec709) did change to green.
After hitting play in the two-player view, and switching back to Timeline the colour of that text switched back to yellow (I replaced the original video with v2 showing this colour switch back:)

Just to verify, I assume you’re using the flame hotkeys, not smoke?
When I have two clips selected and then gang them (using space-g) they stay ganged together, even if I leave the src-req view or select another clip,so much so that the icon will update in list view if I move around in the sequence. They don’t become un-ganged until I hit option-space-g while both clips are selected. The ganged clips does turn green if you’re in list view. Note: you can gang more than two clips together.

Good question… just pressed the space-bar and key g on my mac-keyboard. My idea was that this is a Flame hotkey… Is this not the case?

Thank’s in advance for your help!

It is a flame hotkey, correct. Just wanted to be sure you weren’t using the smoke hotkeys.

Ok will try this suggestion :slight_smile:

Does that mean adding an additional track and drag/drop the clip to this track?

The only idea that comes into my mind doing this is right-clicking the timeline, but doing this does not list the this two options…

Thank you in advance!

Hi! Yes, I’d add another version layer and place the clip/sequence on the second layer. Then right click right next to the “P” and the item a the top of the dropdown is “Set as Secondary Tack”. Do that! It’ll get a little black “S” in the box to the left of the clips. Then in the view options, use one of the options to show you both simultaneously.

This is a pretty good video that’ll show you all this stuff!


Wow finally it works. Thank’s a lot!

Nevertheless I am wondering how to drop a complex Timeline to the newly added version track (for video track comparison)…

Render it first because it is easier to drop only one track to the newly added version track(secondary)?

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