PNG can’t be read

Hey folks,

I’ve got a bunch of PNG which flame can’t read.
“Error: iTXt chunk data is too large for clip”

Flame 2022.1 on Linux as well as on Mac.

Photoshop, Mac Preview or Gwenview are showing the PNG correctly.

Any ideas, what the problem is?

I need to convert each of them before importing into flame, which is quite time consuming :smiley:

Thank again in advance!


Please send one of the files to our support team.

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Hey Fred,
Would love to, but I don’t have a support account.
I try to use the companies support login to send it over.

Photoshop makes conversions in bulk. It goes much faster that way.

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PNG doesn’t support CMYK.

Too much metadata!
Just curious, did the files originate from a specific place/piece of software?