Psd files

what the maximum a psd file can be in flame does anyone know, I am getting a weird occurrence when I scan the psd file it says no media but only contains two layers in it 8 bit depth but rather large just curious of any other land mines that might make this happen so flame can’t bring it in or read it

Smart objects can appear to be just a single layer, but can have entire comps and Illustrator files embedded in them. Whenever I have a pokey psd, I open it in photoshop and check it out there. Sometimes it’s a matter of just rasterizing the smart object, and sometimes just re-saving it with a new name, although that is usually a solution for certain files that don’t read at all in flame.

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tried that rasterizing thing and no dice, only thing that seems to make it read is making it smaller

How big is it?

I am working 4k and the shot move a ton around so something like 25000 by 5000 or close enough

what I ended up doing is cropping it into four segments and moving them around a bit but interesting to see the limitation on a psd file in flame

That’s huge. I don’t know what purpose you are using it for, but I would pre-crop it and bring it in as 2 images since the height is not all that big to begin with.

We cross posted. I thought the psd format topped out at 20K, and after that it became a psb. I know they are capped at 2 gigs, but it’s been a while since I’ve worked with those kinds of files. But 25K is HUGE. I thought flame topped out at 16K.

I got some 8k 3:1 anamorphic (~17000x pixels wide) and Flame refused to bring them in. 16k sounds about right

when you start flame you can see the maximum canvas size in the shell (if you use a shell)

FrameBounds min resolution: 24x24
FrameBounds max resolution: 16384x16384

But there used to be some hack where you could load a flattened texture file in action that was greater than max resolution.

I can’t remember it, having never needed to use it.

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the shot is long and the camera moves a ton so I figured out the seams part but it would be great for revision sake to just pull it in so that I don’t have to get the crops always the same and do this song and dance every time

ah thank you

You can build an action (not to be confused with flame action) in photoshop that divides the image up the same each time.

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The texture trick seems to still work.

@ytf - thanks for the confirmation
post it so that everyone can see it, and it can be marked as a solution?

As @philm suggests, the trick seems to be to import a geo plane and then apply the oversized image as a texture with readfile. There’s some fiddling to get the aspect correct.

In fact, you don’t even need to import a plane. Create a bilinear and move the vertices to create an image that is 25428x4174. With the bilinear selected, add a diffuse map and under Read File, load the texture. Set the mapping to plane. The Crop and Resize should be set to centre/crop. This way there is no fiiddling with the scale.


Ive reported it as a bug , no way I am doing a flame five step to make it work, hopefully they can just increase the resolution restriction.

You can set this up in less than a minute and if the revisions come in at the same size, it’s reusable with little more than a “re-link” operation. It might be faster than waiting for a major change in the architecture of the application.

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if someone picked up this setup again in one month and had new MP do you think anyone would ever be able to figure out what MP was used and how to do it , I am guessing automating a crop on the psd creating a new psd is the more user friendly way of going.