POLL: Do you use Burn?

I’m wondering how many people use Burn and the size of your farm if any.


  • No
  • Yes: 1-2 Burn Nodes
  • Yes: 3-5 Burn Nodes
  • Yes: 6 or more Burn Nodes

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Most places I work when on Linux it’s BG Reactor or just foreground if they didn’t set up BG reactor.
Haven’t used Burn in quit a while and actually I believe that was only one place I ever used it at.

Pretty much same here.

I used burn on a job with Method LA and their farm had something like 35 nodes. It really did burn through the renders but there were a lot of us on that queue. Otherwise, no, barely ever

I ask because I’m contemplating release our inhouse tool which automatically joins Flame workstation to the Burn renderfarm when they are not in use. It can easily double available power that otherwise would just be sitting here.


Great to hear this. I asked the devs several years ago, “why are Flame stations not allowed to be burns?” I’ve never understood.

I saw a demo of Sony Socratto (?) at NAB in 2002. It looked like a flame knock-off and I think it was mostly vapourware at the time, but the really cool thing about it was that it could enlist the cpu of any machine on the network. One of their selling points was that when the receptionist left for the night, you could use their machine to render.

I have in the past, when I worked a facility that had burn nodes and it was great! But as a solo artist, nope.

As an add on we’d have a ton of burn nodes if Burn on Mac existed. We got a whole server room full of trash cans sitting there that could be a perfectly good Burn farm.