Burn for dummies?

What are some things for me to check out to get Burn operational? I have a second machine on my network that has the Autodesk kickstart and DKU installed. I ./install_burn and also ran the Burn installer. I now have a Burn option in on my other machines on the network but once I Burn in Batch for example the task gets assigned but has my local hostname in the task name and an nvidia-smi shows my local GPU is under load, not the Burn gpu.

I think Mutlicast is enabled (ifconfig has “Multicast” next to the device name) and both machines can ping each other.

My Google Fu says I need to run BackburnerConfig but what should those settings be on the client machine? And what should they be on the Server machine?


Burn has so many problems, and is quite in-efficient. Not worth doing with a single node. Save the electricity.

I wonder, if anyone’s finding that the background GPU rendering is more, or less, reliable than a burn node?
I haven’t used burn in a long time, my recollection is that it wasn’t soo great, but, also seeing issues sometimes with background rendering on the second gpu

Given that the lion share of the cost of a burn node is in the GPU (assuming the same gpu as the flame workstation itself for best consistency), is it better to go with a burn node?