Poll: forum themes you care about

In an effort to simplify the user interface, which forum interface themes do you care about? If nobody cares about some of these I’d like to delete a few. Thanks. Multiple voting is allowed!

  • Logik Light
  • Logik Dark
  • Classic Light
  • Classic Dark
  • Fakebook Modern
  • Dracula
  • Alien
  • Minima
  • Star Wars
  • What the heck are themes?

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Couldn’t tell you which theme is not necessary but the Star Wars theme is essential. Though, I’d appreciate it if you could code it up so that all the posts in that theme show up as yellow text scrolling into the far distance.


You can vote for whichever ones you use. And you can use multiple votes.

I voted Classic Dark, but I’m using Logik Dark and I like it as well.

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All “dark” themes make reading personal messages very hard. I feel like this is new, but what the heck do I know.

Yeah it has been bothering me on my iOS devices more than on my iMac

Aww shiza…really?? Can you post a screen grab? I’m a light moder snd there was a recent personal messages update to the site. I mighta missed/broke something.

Oh that’s fugly. Lemme look into that. Thanks!!!

Aight @PlaceYourBetts and @andy_dill

I’ve done some tweaking behind the scenes and killed an old private messages plugin that ought to make the dark mode private messages much more enjoyable without the crappy green boxes. have a look and let me know if you’d like any adjustments.