Site Update - Themes

Greetings Flamists,

A few of our beloved Logik Forums Themes such as Alien, Star Wars, Classic Light and Classic Dark unfortunately do not play well with some of the new features I’m rolling out to the forums this week. Specifically, you’ve probably noticed a bunch of funky town stuff happening in this area of the forums recently. In an effort to make our site much more friendly for the influx of new and new to flame users we’ve had recently, I’m seeking ways to simplify the information here by having links available that showcase all we have to offer as well as to some important threads. Unfortunately this means some of the choosable themes are pseudo deprecated and are now end of lifed.

If you feel passionate about the themes here and what we offer, please drop me a line. I’m absolutely aware that a light and dark mode are critical and will absolutely commit to those areas, but, if you need something other than the light and dark modes, or something feels weird or wonky on a particular browser or operating system, please drop me a line and Im happy to assist.

Thank you!


For me the switch (day/night) does nothing but the Logo. It’s ok for me as night is 24h on, but not sure if it should work or whether I should reset my settings.

Chrome on Win10

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