Logik UG meetup Hamburg/Germany September 17th

I am happy to annouce that we will be hosting a live-in-person Logik Meetup in Hamburg on September 17th. (its a friday, so after work).

Mark the date! I will think of a good way to get everyone calender invites/RSVPs (If you know a good way to host those events… let me know I think facebook event is kinda oldschool, right?)

We have a Warehouse type location that we can keep very open for fresh air (its pretty much outdoor … with a roof) and there will be all the covid precautions of course. (more info to follow).

Theodorstrasse 41P (Hamburg Bahrenfeld).
22761 Hamburg

And Yes - we will live stream this to you guys out in the wide world! Me and Christoph Zapletal will both do a talk with another secret guest thats lined up!

Of course it will be free!

Will be great to see everyone , we have some talks with sponsors right now, if you want to contribute as a sponsor feel free to contact me!

Cheers everyone. cant wait!



Registrations are now open for our LOGIK UG Meeting in Hamburg!

there will be stuff about Autodesk Flame , HDR and some other Stuff, basically a bunch of nerds coming together , hosted by Replayboys!



Hey Finn,
Mega gut! Count me in.
Thank you for the invitation.
Best regards,

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awesome! cant wait to see you all :slight_smile:

@finnjaeger Do we need to register if we are virtually attending.

no there will be links to youtube live or something :slight_smile: