Flame 2022 corrupt paint brushes?

Flame 2022, Big Sur 11.3. My Batch Paint brushes seem to be corrupt. New user doesn’t solve. Huh?

And yes, I’m painting out a booger on my own face.

That does not look correct, no.

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Turn off NDI in broadcast preferences and try again.


I’ve had this too. When this happens I resize my brush (hold s key and drag) then paint again. Not a solution but helps and allows me to keep painting


I’m making a video.

About NDI.

Turning off NDI does indeed fix this issue.


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Nothing about my face ‘looks correct.’

Someone posted about this same issue on FB Logik the other day. It was on a Mac, too.

I dunno what’s worse. This bug or the fact that there’s still people posting on Facebook. :slight_smile:

I mean….why not both!

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Yeah, I discovered it when I was prepping for Logik live and panicked. I thought I’d baked my graphics card. I think I found the solution on here though , so @randy , I have to ask, did you try searching first?

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Balls. I’m trying to think of something clever to say but I did not search. I was so mad that it took me 37 takes to nail my opening dialogue for this super amazing video I want to make and THEN I find out I had a massive boogie in my nose and then the liberation I felt when I realized that I had in fact both the technology and expertise to fix my…ahem…blemish…and then the frustration of painting ugly pictures and forgetting how to submit a support ticket and then I thought oh hey, just install Flame 2022.1 and then THAT installation failed and then I had to create a support ticket for that…

Classic. All I had to do was search.

Thanks @mike.

Thanks for the nudge @Kirk .

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Hi Randy, I had the same issue with my Flame 2022.1. I already post the same issue to the Facebook group and how to solve it. (At least it works for me). MY solution was simple to change the NDI output. I tried stream with NDI a few days before the issue occuers and then realise that I changed the broadcast signal to NDI. And i turn it back to my normal signal. And my paint node works again as should it be. When I switch back to NDI output, it gets broken again. I hope this solves your problem as well.