Problem. A lock has been created on the stones volume

I got a lock on my stonefs and I cant run vic successfully.
Im trying to get in contact with suport but that goes slow.

Found this link here, but yes cant even find the “clip” folder, its not in the same place any more is it?

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Years ago usr/discreet was moved to opt/Autodesk

An unused but really excellent resource is the Autodesk knowledge database. Their procedures are updated and you can likely find your problem here

Yes found it now. But yes did not help me much cant see anything else than the names of my stonefs partitions in there… As I understand I need to remove the lock file and run vic… Not much success when I try, what to do?

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I been through those but no success.

What is the exact procedure when I get this?

I can get into flame but I cant render and machine crash if I try move clips around in the timeline or such.

When running vic…

  Failed to load objects information.

Could not retrieve local frames metadata for partition 0: Corruption detected
Unable to retrieve frame meta data: General software error
Frame loads (partially or completely) failed
Frame loads (partially or completely) failed
Integrity check failed to proceed.
Unlocking volume stonefs0 …
Closing volume stonefs0…
Connection status check: Connection reset by peer
Disconnecting socket [fd:13]
Connected to localhost:7261 [fd:3]
Disconnecting socket [fd:3]
Removing STDFS adapter
Disconnecting socket [fd:22]
Uninitializing Python interpreter
Stopping managed threads.
IMac-Pro-02:~ admin$

I followed this with no success.

Is this what I need to do?

navigate to /opt/Autodesk/clip/stonefs. type rm .ref* This should remove any locks.


How did you solve this shit in the end @Bjorn_Benckert? Plaguing me now as well on my home box.

did rm .ref* not work?


Just had this problem and rm .ref* fixed it.

Cannot obtain an exclusive lock on volume: close other apps or use lazy mode (-l).
      The following process(es) must be stopped in order to run a full volume integrity check:

Thanks heaps @ytf

often a reboot of machine fixes that too.

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It was strange. An old IP address was holding a lock and no amount of reboots shifted it. We changed the IP when we upgraded to Rocky so no idea how the old IP got involved.

I wonder at what stage they changed the address :thinking:

A few years ago I had a couple of ip addresses change (I think the two ethernet ports swapped addresses) for no reason. Only myself and the engineer have access to the machine, so it was, and still is, a mystery. Glad rm ref.* helped.

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