Adding stone+wire partition causes services crash

I wanted to add another partition to an existing Flame setup to help out a friend who is suffering from semi-regular database corruption. It’s a Mac setup.

I added one using the Flame Setup utility through the media storage tab. Nothing fancy. However, after doing that, Wiretap Gateway began crashing and I couldn’t launch Flame. I decided to comment out the new partition the utility created in the config file and sure enough, things were back to working again.

When I looked at the config file a little closer, I noticed something I had not seen before…


What’s the deal with the .framestore thing? I’m assuming that’s some sort of alias to point to where the actual folder lives, but why? This is a simple setup - single computer with one external volume for storage.

Do you think that entry is the reason the new partition entry wasn’t working? So far, it is the only odd thing sticking out to me but maybe it is something else. I haven’t spent too much time going through the setup. Here’s what I commented out for the new partition as the utility wrote it into the file:


Any ideas?

My thinking through all of this was that he could setup a project or two on a partition and setup another project or two on a second partition so they each maintain their own database. If the corruption happens again, at least rebuilding should be faster if there is less stuff per partition, right? The two times I’ve helped him rebuild from a corruption database (in less than a two week span) it has taken over two hours to complete each time, which is a while to have a machine down.