decided to tryout the Proxies for this current project and wondered if anyone can enlighten me on one small thing…

there are settings for generate proxies (this version) or (all versions)…

and according to the help files “you can manage proxies and source media cache for the current version, or for all versions”, which doesn’t really elaborate much on the options own description!

I haven’t a clue what versions are being referred to.

Which is the option i should pick, to create a proxy file for each selected clip?


Hi Adam, I don’t use proxy workflows or Open Clips so may be wrong… but I’m pretty sure it’s referring to the various versions which can be available inside an Open Clip. So it will proxify either all versions of that shot, or just the version you have currently active in the timeline. Same as it does for Cache/Flush Cache to all/current versions.

i rarely touch proxies, and have never seen an open clip let alone use one.

Thanks for confirming what i had decided to pick !