Public Service Announcement

For everyone visiting their parents this week:

LG tvs call it TrueMotion

Roku/TCL calls it Action Smoothing

Samsung calls it Auto Motion Plus

Sony calls it MotionFlow

Panasonic calls it Intelligent Frame Creation

Amazon Fire TVs call it Motion Processing


It’s truly awful. It’s as bad as that 24->25 conversion of adding a duplicate frame every second.

The only thing worse was watching Peter Jackson’s abortion of filmmaking forcing high frame rate on an audience. I walked out within half an hour.


High Frame Rate is so fascinating. It makes everything more real, which in a filmmaking context often makes things look more fabricated.

Now they have this “motion grading” thing which is some mix of HFR and 24fps and it looks…. Good?

Good luck finding the menu to shut it off. On my LG TV it is per-input which is just fucking criminal

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I think it makes everything look like video and therefore cheap.

Ahh . . . . that would explain all those Ouiji Board activity yesterday.

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Europe here: Just use 25 as standard, thanks :smiley:


Bro we measure things in feet and yards. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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