Fractional frame rates

Hahah. Yeah, good luck with that.

I can think of a bucket load of reasons why I would like to see fractional frame rates go the way of the telephone dial, but “. . . so that content can be displayed at its intended frame rate” is not on that list.

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I’ll post this again cos I love the maths behind it.

Why is TV 29.97 frames per second?


For some reason this reminds me of the time I was shipping a million versions for a campaign. Laying off to tape (!) was like a weeklong process. We got to the PAL portion and I warned the clients that they’d see some flicker on our BVM but it would be okay when played back in its native country.

The editorial producer asked “Now why is that?”

I began with, “Well it has to do with the electricity…”

At which point the agency producer loudly moaned “Oh HERE WE GO.”

So I shut up and just went back to laying off my dumb spots.


This brings up a good point. If we were to collectively join forces as a community and beg for something to change somewhere, what’d be the sword we fall on?

Standardize legals? Standardize socials? Overtime pay? Unions? Artist representation?

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I just love this though.

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If we do away with Fractional frame rates, can we do away with motion smoothing on TVs as well? :pray:

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Unions. They are the “teach a person to fish” of options. If we had a strong union we could fight some interesting battles.

Communist. I say this with tongue firmly in cheek. I have been a member of the union for over 20years. They don’t have as much power in post production as production unfortunately. This may be due to acute individualist behaviour from the early 90s. I’m hopeful we can build something.