Publishing 101: Today at 2pm ET on Logik Live!

Imagine a world with archives that are super small and renders that magically appear in your timeline. It’s called “Publishing” and Josh Laurence lives in that world every day. Josh is going to take us through the basics of this extremely powerful and efficient way to work in Flame. Plus I’ll be giving away some Logik merch and a 1 year license of Optics from Boris FX! We’re LIVE on YouTube today at 2pm ET. If you’d like a chance at one of our weekly prizes register now at

After the show, Josh will host an exclusive Q&A for our Patreon Patrons. It’s going to be a great opportunity to dive deep on specifics. To support what we are doing with Logik for as little as $5/month head on over to is creating the ultimate community for Autodesk Flame Artists | Patreon