Python - Audio Channel Manipulation


Thanks in advance. Would anyone know if it is now possible via python to do the conversion from 5.1 + Stereo Audio to Stereo on a timeline? The classic remove 1-6, and promote 7&8 to 1&2? I believe the last time I looked into this, you couldnt do it to the actual timeline you right clicked on, but the script would first need to make a duplicate timeline in a Shared Library.

Thanks again in advance. I tend to just hack around in python, so it would be great if I could save hours going down the coding rabbit hole for what might be a dead end.

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Hey Kieran,

I’ll take a look, but TBH I haven’t done much python in the timeline, and I would love to be able to script some audio tasks. I’ve long dreamed of being able to select a folder full of all of the audio files for a spot and have a script that looks to see if “L” or “Ls” is in the name, and then put the clips in the right place.

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Following up… this is pretty much solved.

The workflow would be to use the surround_sound_channels_mute and unmute scripts, then just export using Mixdown to Stereo.

Bing bang boom.


Does this work for multiple selections?

I haven’t messed with these scripts in a while, but they should work with multiple selections.