Flatten Segments

Got another bit of python for yall… this one was dreamed up by @TimC

This script takes the selected segments in a timeline and removes any vertical stacking so that just the top most segment remains. Option available to keep the original segments or discard.

GIF Demo Here

Could be useful for preparing a simplified timeline before publishing conform prep or maybe just streamlining a skyscraper of a timeline before archive.

Available for download at Github Flatten Segments and will be available on the Logik Portal shortly.

Requires Flame 2023+

HUGE thanks as always to @MikeV





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@TimC haha, looks like I’m off the hook for writing this script for you!

Thanks @knhn!

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== HOT ==

This is good stuff

Now available on Logik Portal!


Very cool.

While on that topic - one practice that I’ve seen from a few and that is worthwhile, rather than keep your timeline bottom aligned, make it top aligned (using text formatting terms).

That way similar segments (e.g. BG connected shots) are on the same track, even if some of them have 1, 2, or more intermediate and then the original underneath.

That could be an interesting variation of the script to beautify your timeline according that that method. Keep orginal on track 1, then put top most segment on track n, and then everything in-between top aligned. Makes it easier if you want to lock/disable some of the intermediate stuff.