Python for Saving Batch

Im looking for a python script to save the the current setup and iteration (as if clicking the buttons in Batch).

Im also looking to then save based on the path in the write node (as if actually rendering with the write node and having “include setup” enabled.)

Thanks all! :slight_smile:

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Like an uber save?

It saves iteration locally and a file save to the server (file path based on write node)?

I can’t help you. My python skills are woeful :grin: but I like this idea.
I think the file path might be tricky if it isn’t setup by default. Maybe if one hasn’t been entered it can prompt you to select a path and use that moving forward.

Our write nodes are all created during the sequence publish export and the file path is added automatically based on the shot name :thinking:

I am always looking for better ways to protect my setups.

This might do what you’re looking for: Uber Save — Flame Python Scripts


Let me give this a shot :slight_smile: Thank you!!

Uber Save is absolutely perfect :slight_smile: 0
Not to mention you can make it a hot key which is lovely!

… follow up question…
Can I trigger the uber save within a script?

You could set a hotkey for it and then call said hotkey within a script.

flame.execute_shortcut("Uber Save") where Uber Save is whatever the description is in the hotkey editor.