Python in Flame, automatically create a script in Nuke

It is all almost in the title, but is it possible to make a python script that can let me create a Nuke script using import and export nodes data inside a Batch to automate the creation of Nuke scripts based on batches?

Of course the creation of that Nuke script is to be able to export an EXR sequence with metadata copied from original sequence

Hi Chadi,

I have to think that it is possible although I’ve never done it. With the flame Python API you can get the path and file name of clips, so it should be pretty straightforward to insert that information into a new Nuke script with Python.

Any idea where I can start? I have never done Python in Flame before, but have some scripting notions
Thanks Andy

Yes. Go to the help files in flame and look in the API section. You’ll see a heading called Python API Examples. I’m pretty sure that the command to import clips or get the path is in there. You can pop open the flame python console and test it out.

And def check out this early Logik Live that I did with @fredwarren


Watching it now :slight_smile:

Did you manage to get this working? would be interesting to see how.

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