Create Shot

I’ve done a long over due update to this script with a new and simplified UI. Works in 2021.1 and 2021.2.

In 2021.2 you get the extra option of being able to create file system shot folders in the Media Hub.



I just posted a new update for this script to the Logik Portal. There is now the ability to create shot folders/batch groups/desktops/system folders by right clicking on clips. It’s now also possible to apply an existing batch setup as a template when new batch groups. Among lots of other little improvements. Just hit the help button in any of the script windows to see more details on the improvements. Thanks to @john-geehreng for helping out with testing and contributing some great ideas.

Also for anyone using the SynthEyes Export script I’ve done some improvements to that as well. It will now automatically copy the needed SyPy files from the SynthEyes folder in Flames python folder automatically. This only works with Mac. Linux will still have to manually copy the SyPy folders. I’ve also done a fix so export preset warnings should no longer happen when the jpg image sequence is exported for syntheyes when using a version of Flame newer than 2021.



Hi @MikeV how are you?

Can you help me with executing this script? I’ve tried to create shots using multiple clips in the timeline but I think that I’m doing something wrong. How can I create shots using multiple segments? Because I selected all clips in the timeline and clicked using the right button but don’t option in the menu. When I clicked in sequence have some options but using “clips to shot” returns an error on debugging. My idea is conforming the timeline with medias and references and then use a similar function “create batch groups” but with write nodes preset saved.

Script installed on flame 2022.2 Update Linux CentOs 8.


Hey Wilton

You need at least Flame 2023 to be able to create shots from a timeline with that script.



Hmmm, I hadn’t thought of that possibility, thanks for the attention.

Hi @MikeV

Many thanks for all your work.

I’ve got this create shot py installed - made up my preset and created the shot folders - but the media wasn’t exported. Not sure why that is. I felt sure I’d set it up to export media.

So I thought I’d investigate the preset but can’t seem to access it anymore - is there a trick to returning to the preset?