Python - Getting Filepaths from Timeline Segments with BFX

I’m trying to write a script that will give me a list of all files references in a sequence, so that I can do some housekeeping.

Currently I iterate through each segment in each track, and run “segment.file_path”, and add the filepath it ruturns to my array. This works for most segments, but it’s not so simple for segments with BFX on them. I need to be able to access all the import nodes in the timeline BFX so that I can add the file paths from those nodes into my list, but I’m missing the step between selecting the segment in the timeline, and being able to access that information.

Could anybody help me out?


Hi Ben. I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s possible yet:

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Please submit a request over at for it.


Nope, not possible. FI-02664 is the existing feature request.

EDIT: Hmm…well that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Maybe it got rolled into another feature request. @fredwarren ?

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FI-02664 was set as a duplicate of FI-01733

That being said, a separate improvements should be submitted to have access to the file paths of the clips inside a Batch FX.


Hi ben,
not sure it can help…
have you looked into the Conform tab? there you can get all the clips info including with the ones inside the bfx. From there you can export an xml where you can extract just the data you need.
I’ve no clue if you can get those info using flame API.