Python capable of looking for BFX nodes on a timeline?

Hello all

Long time lurker here. I am wondering if a python script would be able to search for say a mux node with a specific name in a BFX on a timeline?

So for example. I have multiple timelines. Each timeline with a BFX containing multiple titles connected to a mux with multiple inputs. Would it not be great if just by selecting all timelines and right-clicking in the workspace you could just set the mux switch input for all mux nodes with the same name?

What do you guys think, is it possible?

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I vaguely recall that Python can’t access anything inside of BFX - but this is not my area of expertise.

Have you been to the Logik Discord server? There’s a Python channel where someone more knowledgeable might have a more definitive answer.


Thank you for the reply. I will have a look at the discord channel.

It is not possible to do so. You can add your vote to the following request: FI-01733 Python API: Ability to create a BFX in a timeline and manipulate its setup