Question: New Technology We All Need?

I’m with ya, John. I’d also love to see Flame ported to the new M1 architecture. I love the ability to take Flame with me and Thunderbolt NVME has been amazing. But that’s so 2018… I don’t know if Apple has made a porting kit or if it’s a page one rewrite, but that’d be the highest item on my wishlist for the new year…


Agreed upon color science / viewing policies / transforms for all hardware/display manufacturers, web viewing platforms, browsers, etc. WYSIWYG all day errday.

The ability to be able to post something anywhere and know that the color on the viewing side, whether it be someone’s laptop, QT, web (vimeo/YT/IG) will look exactly the same as how you mastered it without “do you have colorSync policies set correctly, does the target display read colorSync, mac/windows, viewing w/ VLC, youTube, etc, etc”

I was doing laundry today and it got me thinking about how that piece of technology saves me time. I don’t need to hand-wash all my clothes. I dump a big pile in, hit a button and they get washed.

Then I tried to think of something invented in the past, say 100 years that came close to that level of time saving.

Maybe the “invert” button…