Question: New Technology We All Need?

Hola. Here’s a question that’s on my mind and wondered if anyone has any strong views:

In the coming year, are there any significant changes in technology that you think are going to make a big difference either creatively or in terms of possibilities?

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I would like to see python be a bit more user friendly, in that one shouldn’t need to know all the specific language nuances. Particularly when it comes to some basic, simple stuff like creating custom macros.


What about any sexy ai tools that will let us put our feet up and invoice as we sip G&Ts?

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usr/local/foundry/Nuke13.1v1/Nuke13.1v1 --nukex


Are you quitting flame?

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Should move that to /opt :joy:


What does our job look like when you can just communicate with the software more like an art director and less like a submarine pilot? Does the workforce change? Do tech wonks like myself fall by the wayside now that my knowledge of arcane tricks is no longer useful? If someone can just yell, “stabilize shot”, about 98% of my value evaporates.

I’d like to think some of my value is in the aesthetic output of my labor, but my hit percentage is in the low single digits when it comes to art director approval.

oh yeah? is opt where the cool kids are installing to these days?

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hell no. not quitting flame. but Nuke does have some sweet fancy amazing stuff.


I hope Flame gets a significant speed boost when a new MacPro comes out


Like the things @tpo was doing?

Cool? Meh. Practical? Yes.


also RGBD from cameras (more like a few more years but we are getting there)

I still vote machine learning is going to change this industry dramatically more than anything else, it may not be this year but if was to gamble that in five years it will really shake things up, you look at what face tracking, color matching and anything we can train a computer to do would be insanely beneficial overall. I was just watching some demo about creating beautiful photographs from some simple sketches and it turned out insane, granted its probably has it quarks but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Machine learning. Big time.

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Has to be machine learning… The challenge will be getting hold of a new generation GFX card when they get released :wink: :joy:

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Ampere cards are plentiful.

Ask @finnjaeger about the unexpected boost he got from his new mac pro . . . .

Matte to GMask extraction would be nice. It was already shown as a beta feature here.

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I’m in the machine learning camp for sure. I feel like it’s just going to get better and better and more temporally stable which is often an issue.