Randomize Selection Order? Expressions Help

Hey Logik Hive,

Is there a way to randomize selection order within an expression? I would like to avoid manually selecting a random order if possible!


I think this might be helpful?

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Thank you! Any idea how to get the random animation to start at frame 1 and not go beyond frame 1 in the negative?

I’m guessing you have an array of axes (or surfaces) you want to animate using a master channel as the driver.
If that is the case you can use the eval function with a frame offset that is randomized using SelectionOrder. Oh, that sounds like rocket science, ok this pseudo function then:
main_axis is your source anim
my_axis = eval (main_axis, ( frame - rand (SelectionOrder) )
Maybe not exactly this format for rand but something in those lines
Does this make sense? If I could understand what you’re trying achieve…

All good, thanks Sinan! I figured out how to use rand with some success!

eval(control, frame-rand(SelectionOrder))