Cascade Channel - Kinda Broken?

I’m playing around with the “Cascade Channel” (in part because I cannot get “SelectionOrder” to work on top-level axis nodes at all) but the system straight up beachballs my (admittedly old) system if I try it on more than six Axis nodes at once with a basic eval expression:

eval(CascadeChannel, frame-1)

There are a few of these expression things that seem to be exceptionally hard on the system, most of them evals I’m guessing. And I get it-- an eval is asking for data from a different time maan but it’s not as though it’s a lot of data. It’s keyframes.

This is because it’s the sort of thing that would help with motion-graphics work. I know we’ve all just forked over all mograph to the eight thousand plugins in After Effects, but some ability to avoid hand-keying everything in Flame would be nice.

more of a rant here than anything. I don’t expect the expression language has been touched for a few decades, and I doubt it will be.