Re ReLinking

hi all

ive had to transfer source footage that i’m linked to from one drive to another.

ive formatted a new drive to be the same name as the original one, and have moved the footage folder to the new drive.

the path to it looks the same as the old path… Import:/Volumes/Lacie/Folderxxx

but its not linking up… any ideas?

going to try grants vid here Relinking to Different File Paths - YouTube

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ok, just for info if anyones interested.
i thought i could get around the whole unlinking/…select new path…/… paste path…/ relink… vibe but i cant…

…but, could be a bug or just me, but. if i open my edit which has loads of checkerboard shots. drag those shots to the desk, they then relink with my new footage on my copied drive, and i can put them back in the edit…

Hi Andy, have you tried also with the media location path translation under “Preferences”. There you can set a path translation rules for cases like yours i think. I don’t use it very often but i think it can help you next time you have to do something similar.
Sorry for adding things to the list instead of solving the problem.

@AndyG so i did a test with the path translation and it worked.
After creating the path rule i had to restart flame in order to apply the changes and make it work.
Have a try if you got time.


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thanks i’ll give it a go