Save project and Re link

To be able to work across multiple computers I really need a proper re link and save project as function. Like Davinci resolve. In resolve I can have a drive with all my rushes on and save the project to reopen on a different computer and be pretty much ready to go. archiving is ok but takes too long and doubles up on the space used. Relink has to be easy and clever enough to replace every item that uses that clip. Again same as any other non linear editor out there.


Have you tried using the path translation in flame?

yes - its no good really. its too specific. also there really isn’t a reason why there isn’t a relink like every other NLE


I’ve definitely struggled with understanding why some aspects of path translation are successful, but others are not. It tends to become a mystery that I don’t really have time to solve and end up just manually getting the batch up and running again.

I guess we’ve been lucky with path translation then.
Sometimes unlink/relink does the trick for timeline stuff.
For batch, we made a company hook to relocate all sources (possibly from many different places) to a single parent folder (sorry can’t share, but it works). Once all sources have been gathered and ‘relinked’ in batch, it allows to easily share a setup based on soft imported clips (but it works too with originally managed media, it just exports them, as opposed to making a system copy).
The artist receiving the setup and a drive or a download link then uses the path translation on his system.
I too wish there was a native solution, but at least they are workaround in some (many?) cases.

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I’m surprised that path translation doesn’t work for you with a single rule to remap the mount point/folder though. I’ll test again as soon as I can.

As for simply moving a drive from/to different boxes, wouldn’t mounting the drive the same way (same path) be the easiest solution?

No. It’s just not a flexible way of doing it. I quite often have multiple drives. Also how about if you need to reorder what’s on the drive. How about if you lose one clip and only want to relink that.

I suggest just doing what everyone other piece of software does very successfully and have a relink clips option.

I would also love to be able to save a project outside of flame. Without going through the whole archive process.