Red V-Raptor MQ vs HQ

I’ve worked with LQ footage before and found it pretty blech. We may need to shoot at 120 which would necessitate shooting MQ which I have never knowingly worked with. Anyone have any feedback on the quality level for blue screen/keying work?

Specs seem to indicate that it is closer to LQ than HQ:

  • HQ - High data rate - Up to ~ 280 MB/s (~30 minutes recording time)*
  • MQ - Medium data rate (default) - ~175 MB/s (~48 minutes recording time)*
  • LQ - Lowest data rate - ~110 MB/s (~1 hour and 17 minutes recording time)*

No idea. But last shoot kinda sort like this I had I was shitting myself on keying 800 fips Phantom .cines. And it keyed fine.

If Phantom keys fine, then you’d think MQ would be fine too. Right? Ish?