Reels view in Flame Assist?

First time touching FA, and I can’t toggle from Freeform view to Reels (reels is grayed out). There should be a desktop reels view option in FA, yeah?

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Hey thanks for all the useful help, gents. Must’ve posted to the wrong forum.


Product differentiation. They should have been called Flint, Flame, Inferno instead

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Thanks Sinan. I remembered that Flare doesn’t have reels but thought that FA did. Having a pull-down for Reels that don’t exist is a bit odd.

I must admit, that was always my impression, FA reels but no batch, Flare batch, no reels.
Seems a bit pointless to me to not have reels.

No Reels in Flare it totally fine as it is meant for shot based work.

With the non-existent Reels as a non-selectable pull-down option, you’d think with that logic that there would be a Batch tab at the bottom that has no use.
Anyway, we’ll work around it.

I was referring to FA, not Flare.