Why is there no Flame Assist demo?

I understand that this is a stripped-down Flame, but I want to understand enough for my tasks and computer power.


Use the Flame Demo, and just never go into Batch and use Freeform Desktop and no Reels and that’s pretty much it. :slight_smile:

Not all, there are still a lot of tools that are not in Assist. One must understand the ability to perform basic tasks without these tools. And guessing and poking into the tables is inconvenient.

On a budget, I’m considering options:

  1. Avid MC + Mistika Boutique
  2. Flame Assist

Flame assist is more like smoke.
Not sure what is nowadays included and what not.
But indeed, forget the batch tab, but everything in BFX, that’s how I survived
on Flame Assist for years :slight_smile:

So most of flame learning channel videos you can use
and fxphd
and the classic:

I get the frustration with Flame Assist. Its a bit of a mystery and if you aren’t familiar with the Flame product line you wouldn’t know that it even exists…it can almost evade an internet search which makes it tough to get a handle on it. I used it for a couple years and it was always a source of frustration when new versions of Flame were released to try and figure out what was included in Flame Assist and what wasn’t. Work flow features were generally included, but most of the new “cool” stuff…not so much. There is no Batch tab (but you do have Batch FX), the Effects tab is crippled, 3D capabilities are a bit hampered, no 3d keyer or shapes or particles and if i remember correctly no selectives or camera fx…and probably a bunch more that i can’t think of right now…however on the plus side, they did eventually put the G Mask tracer in it…so there’s that. Depending on what your needs are and/or what kind of work your doing…i think Flame Assist is a great tool, as i thought Smoke was a great tool…but we know how that ended.

You can use this page to see the major differences between Flame, Flare, and Flame Assist.

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Thanks for answers.

But I’m not a techie. The most important thing for me is editing. It seems to me that in Flam it is even better and more convenient than in Avid.

Convenient structure for the material.

But fears that the reduction of functions will greatly affect it is very annoying.

I’m def not an expert on this, but from my understanding, if editing is your primary concern, I don’t think you should find limitations on that in FA. Agreed that this product family is a great NLE.

If its editorial your concerned about you’ll be fine w/ FA…from that standpoint FA & FL are pretty much identical. When they release new workflow features (to include editorial) those seem to be shared between the systems. However, new visual effects and compositing features (like the new camera analyzer) probably not.

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As I understand the new effects use too many resources in the end, too long. This new can be done with old tools, only there are more of them.